Effin Hurling Team – Songs

Effin has always had great pride in its hurling teams and often songs where written about their feats on the playing pitch. One of the first songs is about the 1937 South Winning Team right up to the last winning team in 2011.

1937 South Winning Team

(Composed by Dan O’Brien, Ballymack and remembered by Bertie O’Brien, Tobernea)

You may boast about your hurling teams,
Kilkenny, Cork & Clare
But wind your way to Effin
Better hurlers you’ll find there,
You will see young John Fitzgibbon a fine athletic youth
With Paddy Ryan & Johnny & Tommy Francis Bluett.

You’ll see Gilbert, Hayes & earthy,
on them, you may depend,
No flying ball will pass them
For their gap, they will defend
You’ll see Gallant Michael Carroll
With Fitz from Maiden Hall,
And Willy Jack Fitzgerald to forward out the ball,

They crossed hurleys with the Stakers
and played with fourteen men,
In the fair field of Kilmallock
and sight gloriously did win.
They were drawn against Kilmallock
Old Friendships to renew
And they played against that sturdy team
In the place, they call Glenroe

They marched into the hurling field
and stood there in a line
And there they waited for orders
From their captain Paddy Ryan
The cheers rang out and echoes far
and pierced the blue hill thro;
We got a great reception
That day in famed Glenroe


The next song I’ve come accross is this one written about the Minor Hurlers from 1959 by unknown author.

minor team 1959

The Effin Minor Hurlers 1959

(Composer Unknown)

The South Championship of Limerick, the Minor Hurling Grade,
When Effin beat the Croom boys as the evening sun did fade.
We have Christy Conway in the gap, as good as can be seen,
With Carroll John outside him, a giant of seventeen.

O’Callaghan’s from near the bridge, the Brickfield boy, Ned Rea,
Can guard the back-line bravely, with Bourke from near Gurrankeagh,
The Centre-back is Thomas Bluett, the pride of hurlers al,
His play is just beyond control with a hurley, man, or ball.

Pitman Mick near Ballyhea and Sheehan from the hill,
They played right well for Effin and gave us many a trill,
The centre-field McCarthy, we all respect that name,
With John O’Donnell, Effin, of hurling stock and fame.

Young Sheedy Mick from Brickfield, a hurler of renown,
Sent many lovely passes, to Kiely of Jamestown.
The Buckley boy from Garrienderk, and Bourke from Tobernea,
The Captain of this grand young team, ne’er put a ball astray.

Corbett, Bluett, and Herbert, Manger, Con, and Noel,
Reserves they were for Effni, they stayed behind the goal.
And now we’re Champions of the South, the Silver Cup is here,
Remember the 9th of August, one, nine, five, nine, the year.

My song is nearly ended, good luck to Bruff, and Croom,
Fare thee well Kilmallock, and the sporting boys of Doon.

Mary Rea of Jamestown has written many the rousing songs about our various teams to rouse them into battle This next song is about the 1977 winning South Team.

Our Boys from Sweet Effin

(Written by Mary Rea, Jamestown, for the Winning South Team in 1977)

October 16 ’77 was a day of great renown
Our Captain Jim he led his team down to Kilmallock town
The South Final day had come hurrah The stakers were the kill
But we had no doubt, they would win the south
Our Boys from Sweet Effin

From Brickfield came our goalie, Connie Daly was his name
You should hear the shout When he cleared the ball out With his craft, skill and fame
From Ballymac came our thee full backs Mike Jim and Pat We would we be without them you see
Our Boys from Sweet Effin

Now trainer Tom so brave and strong T’was he had the boys in Trim
And he left and night he had minors might Mike Carroll, Davey Barrett so slim
At centre field he had Captain Jim Who was always in command With Mike Ryan at his side
We were filled with pride when Jim scored for Sweet Effin
Now there is Joe and Liam and Nealie too They bravely showed their skill

And with and eagles eye Joe let fly two points for Sweet Effin
Our Full Forward line we had Brickfield Strong McCarthy Boys and Matt
T’was our pride and joy when Denis let fly the final goal for sweet Effin
So hip hip hurrah for our gallant PJ and our Boys from Sweet Effin

Mary wrote another song for the Munster Champions 2011 and here is a clip of her singing it I recorded after the match in Newcastlewest after thy beet Ballyduff.

Listen to Mary singing song for Effin Team 2011 Munster Final Audio Clip here

effin gaa

The Great Effin Hurlers

by Ann Marie Kennedy for the Effin Team 2011 County Final

To the air of (Maids of Duhallow)
The 31st of October was a day of Renown
When the hurlers of Effin played Ardagh Town
Oh Jamesy, Oh Jamesy don’t leave the ball in
Them west boys will try you again and again.

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

With Manning, O’Donnell and China so supreme
They would die for the colour the colour of green
Mike Rea, young Kearney, and the bold Mickey too
Will bring the ball down like a bird as it flew

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

Nicke was not green when he jumped for the ball
Jamsie was there when he heard the loud call
Quiadie got ready and came to the call
The man from Ballymac he gave it his all

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

Damo a hurler a hurler of style
Whatever he does he does with some gile
What of young Hugh as he runs for the ball
The West boys don’t know where we got them at all

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

Sheehy, Carroll and Kelly they won’t let us down
As we make our way homeward we won’t have a frown
So here’s to our subs who wait on the line
Likewise our women who make our sweet wine

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

To Mike Kelly, Ger, Dennis and Jim
We wish you good luck and we know that you’ll win
Give 3 cheers to Peter who came from Bruree
Who trained our young hurlers to their peek you’ll agree

Toora Loo, Toora Lae, Oh the great Effin hurlers they live down our way

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