Effin – where did the name come from?

Many questions have been asked about the name Effin. Where did it come from? There have been numerous spellings and variations on the spelling until we reached the current name. Logainm.ie listed the following variations for Effin – https://www.logainm.ie/en/1414039

  • Eimhin – Joyce III 345 (Cilleimhin in Allod)
  • Eifing De Bal
  • Eifinn – NMAJ 1945p.158
  • Effyne – CS 232.20
  • Effin – DS ex Goblet 19
  • Effin C
  • Effyng (1240 A.D. Black Book of pg 111, 112
  • Effyn (1328 A.D.
  • Effin (1410 A.D.) G.Mack sp NMDJ 1945/158
  • There is no apparent justification fo assuming this the be the name of a st. NMAJ. 1945 p158 (Mac Spealain)
  • Eifin, St Effins Chruch, local par. B. Effin or Elfin, D.S. Effin an chuid eile)
  • the old church in ruins is called Teampall Eifinn (O.S. Latt II. 340
  • The Irish name is Eifinn, which, as it is the name of a Saint was, it is very likely, preceded by Teampall or Cill, or some such prefix formerly O.S. Lett II 335
  • Effyng – Arch Hib X 115 (Annates 1421 – 1519)
  • apud Effyn – Red Book of Kildare 137 (1381)
  • Burgagio de Effyn – ib 140 (1372)
  • Apud Effyn – ib (1372)
  • ecclesie de Effyn – ib (1372)
  • More research to come…

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