Effin, its Landscape and History


Map of Parish of EffinThe Modern Parish of Effin combines three older religious parishes of Effin, Kilquane and Kilbreedy Minor.

To understand the local history of Effin, we need to examine these old parishes which today form the civil and religious parish of Effin.

As part of the course I did on local history I had to do and assignment on the following topic, “Local History should not be confined to artificial or administrative boundaries? To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement, what  are the advantages and disadvantages associated with such an approach?”  The following link is what I researched.

Effin, its Landscape and History.



Welcome to my blog on the Parish of Effin Parish and its History. During my study for the the Local History Programme in University of Limerick I had to do a lot of research and came accross a lot of interesting facts on Effin. My ambition some day is to write a history of Effin and its rich history and amazing people.

I’ve a keen interest in local history and family genealogy, I’ve recently completed a family history of the Effin Kennedys and published a book for our Kennedy Gathering in 2013.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find some of the articles, useful and interesting.